A temporary place

Our Texas house was packed and emptied in a matter of days. We cleaned it up to get it ready for the next family to enjoy. We had purged and donated as much as we could in a short time, in efforts to bring our weight down for the moving truck. I held a quick garage sale the weekend prior to the packing date to try to give as much as I could to people. Most of what I included were baby items. I let them go.. Anything I didn’t sell, went right into the suburban and then to goodwill. We weeded through years of old papers and luckily made it below our designated weight limit. ( I think a good portion of our weight was in our two vehicles…)
We made to from Texas to Atlanta, where I know our dog, Bode, thinks he’s died and gone to dog heaven.. at Nana’s house AND has three cats to chase… and then up into Kentucky. Bode stayed in Atlanta, since we knew where we were staying didn’t allow for pets. We were in need of a place to stay temporarily, and lucked out finding a furnished three bedroom apartment. The deal included washer and dryer in the apartment along with the utilities and cable. After previewing the room, we moved in later in the day. As we drive from the apartment to the post, we cross the state line.. I almost think the kids are tired of hearing me say.. we’re in Tennessee… we’re in Kentucky… Here is Tennessee.. etc… I think it is fun.
This weekend, we drove 2 1/2 hours north to visit our dear friends at the next post. The kids all enjoyed playing and running about the house.. a huge difference from our small apartment. They snapped a picture from the dinner table which held all 15 of us. It was a neat picture. When they send it to me, I’ll try to add it.
Update:: here it is…. It’s great!

We are trying to keep some normalcy with our school. We brought all of our books to the apartment so we could continue on as daddy is at work. We think we will be returning to Atlanta while John is deployed while we wait for a house to open up in Kentucky. I think it will be a while, but worth the wait.
From all the prayers you were all so kind to send our way over the past two years, if you can include a prayer for a hedge of protection while John is deployed, we will certainly pray for all of you as well.


18 thoughts on “A temporary place

  1. This may seem a little odd because I read your blog all the time but never comment…but we live in Kentucky! We are in the Louisville area. We moved here last summer from Florida. We are still adjusting, but getting there.
    Praying for all of your intentions!
    God Bless,

  2. That’s a great picture!! All of you are in our prayers. Of course, extra prayers for John while he’s over there.

  3. I have been reading your blog since my friend sent a prayer request out during your pregnancy with sweet Matthew. Had I been keeping up with you, I would have seen this a little earlier. My husband is stationed at Ft Campbell! We live off exit 11. We are actually moving ib a few weeks but I’d love to have you all over for a playmate so we can meet in person! I feel like I already know you with the many intercessory prayers offered up for you. Are you going to Mass on post or at ICC? We go to ICC and our children attend our parish school. Anyway, let’s get in touch and figure something out.

    • Thank you for your prayers over the past few years. I know prayers are what has helped get us through the pain of losing a child.
      Thank you for your invite. we are actually not in town yet, but we do plan to attend ICC once we get settled. I don’t expect to be in TN/KY until later in the summer. If we get in town earlier we could meet for donuts after Mass one Sunday!

  4. Oh, I’m disappointed about not getting to meet you in person! We are very active in ICC and we love the church home we have found there. It is a big parish but once you find your niche there, it feels very quaint and cozy. I hope you find the same experience.

    We will be moving to Haddonfield, NJ next month. If you need anything when you move, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have a lot of wonderful friends that would be happy to help in anyway. Perhaps our paths will cross again at some time. Until then, I look forward to being “in touch” through your blog!

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