keeping us busy

while we are in the temporary apartment… We’ve been very busy playing board games, working puzzles, and even enjoying the wii.. the kids especially find the check mii out channel to be fun. They like to figure out how others make neat characters, such as Pooh and the Pink panther.
(I obviously took this shot without remembering to change my setting from the up-close shot above to this one of the the two playing.. oops)
We quickly worked a simple small 300 piece puzzle and got excited to work a few more. We dashed out to chose a few more and came back with two 550 piece puzzles with cute animals… after working those, I got industrious and decided we need to try the 1000 piece puzzle, especially after seeing Jessica’s family enjoy it… I’ll show pictures of it finished later, but right now we are only about 20% into it.

We’ve also driven around the town in search of playgrounds.. one of the best ones we found was right on the post!

We’ve also all been to see the eye doctor. The three little girls are all clear with perfect vision, and the two older ones and I all needed new prescriptions. Cookies are shown in the shot above. I really like how they look on her, I can see all of her blue eyes!
Mine are another story.. I am far sighted and cannot see up close to read things anymore. I knew it was bad… I went from a +.50 to a +2.50 and have been going through a major adjustment period.
While we’ve been in one place, our lab has been staying with Nana and Guka. we’ve noticed over the three weeks we’ve been away, he’s lost weight and Nana says he hasn’t been eating. We thought it was just all of the changes he’s been through and all the suitcases he keeps seeing weekend after weekend… This weekend, we decided to take him to the vet and were shocked to learn he had dropped 15 lbs in three weeks, after having just been to the vet in Texas with a clean bill of health. Now, 15 pounds less, at 82 lbs and swollen lymph nodes, the doctor had his concerns. We had blood drawn and are hoping it is something that can be treated with Antibiotics. We will hear more hopefully in a few days, and praying for the best news. If you can, please say a prayer for our family dog, Bode, to be okay.


6 thoughts on “keeping us busy

  1. Your children are beautiful.

    I will say a prayer to St. Francis for your dog. Having lost ours almost two years ago, I know the concern you have.

    All the best in “your” new assignment!

    • Ellen, thank you so much, they are great kids! This is such a dejavue.. Our other lab ended up with cancer at age 4, oh I hate to see the children lose anything else. Thank you for your prayers!

  2. It’s great to see you all! Love the new eyeglasses on your oldest – very becoming! Prayers for your dear Bode – hopefully he’ll be well in no time.

    • Thank you Cheryl! I just found out today, we were assigned to a different region, now I’ll owe for all 5 of the appointments.. we were changed form TX region to GA region.. not TN where we’ve been temporarily.. geez
      BOde was put on an antibiotic over the weekend.. hoping he’ll learn to keep them down.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I will say a prayer for you all, and for Bode.

    I hope you enjoy the puzzle! We are actually working on another 1,000 piece puzzle right now. 🙂

  4. Emily,
    See if Tricare can change your coding before you pay for all those appointments. That happened to us when we went to Germany and we didn’t find out until after she was taken to the German hospital in a helicopter (turned out to be not even a bruise!) They fixed it so we didn’t owe anything but the regular co-pay.
    Prayers for Bode. Our 12 yr old lab has Laryngeal Paralysis along with his arthritis. Hopefully he will have a few more good months before we have to put him down. The big kids will be sad if they don’t get back to see him again.

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