wasn’t gonna post it..

.. but this is getting hard. You’ve held us up before and now, we are preparing for a deployment. We’ve left our temporary apartment and now we are facing time apart. I’ve been praying for God to place a hedge of protection around John while he is gone. We are waiting for housing to open up for us on post, so in the meantime, we will be finishing up our school year at Nana and Guka’s house in Georgia.. looking forward to many fun summer days in the pool to help us pass the time apart.
For those of you who have emailed me asking, our dog, Bode, has Lymphoma. We were hoping for a better answer after his preliminary tests, but poor guy… We opted for him to go through chemo treatment, and now, after two weeks of Chemo, he is appearing to feel better again. He is even starting to have an appetite again. We can tell he is still not himself, but hopefully he will feel better and better with each passing week. The children are all praying each night for Bode to be here when daddy returns from Afghanistan. I know he will. He has good prayer warriors here.


6 thoughts on “wasn’t gonna post it..

  1. Dear Emily, we will be offering many prayers of protection for John while he’s away. You are always in my prayers. Love you!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. God bless you military wives (families)! My kids and I are living far away from my husband because of the big earthquake here in Japan, and some days it feels like torture – and it hasn’t even been quite one month yet!

    Each time I feel a pang of loneliness I will offer up a prayer for your family! (((hug)))

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