day 10

As we are about to enter into the Triddium, I thought I would update a quick post as to how we are doing. We’ve gotten back into our school routine. The kids are having to adjust from visiting mode into “it’s a school night.” It’s hard, I see their cute faces and want to give them everything. So many different likes and needs… The four oldest had their first piano practice this week. Opie was thrilled to learn he could participate in the piano recital in May. He had been working on the Hungarian Rhapsody and Linus and Lucy to perform had we stayed in Texas. The middle girls want to learn more about the violin, so I have a meet and greet appointment set up for later today to see if this is a true interest. Cookie visited the youth choir at church yesterday and said she had a good time. There is also a teen choir here that she may explore. Opie has served twice now at the church, the same church he was baptized in over 10 years ago. M&M has joined the preschool at the church three days a week. She walked in as if she’d been there all year long the teacher said. This is the same preschool where I worked years before we went into the Army. I love the staff there! I joined the Crossfit gym and completed my foundations classes. Each time I’ve gone, I’ve had to recover from the out of use muscle-shock.. it’s good for me though, huh? I enjoy the challenge, more though, I love that it is trainer led the entire time.
We’ve gotten to skype with John a few times now, which is a luxury compared to previous deployments. I am grateful for him more than anything that he gets to see the kids on screen.. it’s a great moral booster. Thank you all for your kind emails and comments. You know they are so helpful in getting through being apart. God Bless you this Easter.

( John is one the left)


7 thoughts on “day 10

  1. Skype is a great thing when loved ones are so far apart! I am enjoying seeing M&M at the preschool. love and prayers to you all.

    • thanks Elisa… I am on day two of 200m walking lunges for time and I cannot walk without pain.. at stations, I just cringed with every kneel, but did it with a smile 🙂
      Thanks for your prayers! Hug that baby!!

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