So I was grading

and thumbing through a certain third grader’s notebook.. and I came across this….
(click the photo to see it larger)


6 thoughts on “So I was grading

  1. Not sure how I stumbled on to this, but it’s awesome! Just can’t stop laughing at it!!!!

    I see on the right it looks like you’re using the Seton Homeschool curriculum(?) I’ve used Seton since 1998… if you’d like to share my online worksheets (Quizstar) please let me know!

    God bless you and all our service men and women…

    • Thanks Dawn, welcome to God’s Canvas. I was cracking up too.. the “student” is a third grader who thinks up the funniest things… I was laughing too. We’ve used Seton for almost 8 years now,

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