Memorial Day.. a forever memory 2011

.. Our children will forever remember Memorial Day 2011. We honored all of our veterens by having ( as M&M put it) “America America” items all over the house. M&M kept saying.. “It’s all so American!! See the red, the White, and the Blue??” She was referring to our table top decorations and flags we were using as centerpieces, along with our traditional Flag cake. Having daddy deployed, and several other family members who have served our military, the colors Red, White, and Blue have such a special meaning to us.

Flag Cake

In addition, my husband gave our daughter, Cookie, and the children an unforgettable gift. He had the Christian singer, Jonny Diaz, come and sing at our house. If you haven’t heard of Jonny Diaz, you need to spend some time enjoying his latest CD, Beauty of the Cross. We can’t stop singing it. This was such a treat on Memorial Day to have one of our favorite singers hanging around and visiting before picking up his guitar and singing many songs. We invited a small group of friends over and we all shared a dish with our new friend. The children enjoyed asking Jonny all kinds of questions and requested song after song ( I was just as guilty) His voice was incredible.. and he has inspired Opie to consider picking up the guitar as well!! Opie even preformed for him after the concert on the piano! Jonny closed his evening with signing his CD’s and guitar pick necklaces for everyone and passing out a few posters and hugs.
We were thrilled to have Jonny at our house, but Jonny said it was a privilege to play for a family of a deployed soldier on Memorial Day. Thank you to my loving husband for doing this for our family. I know everyone enjoyed their evening. We love you and cannot wait to see you!! Happy Memorial Day!

Jonny singing Memorial Day 2011


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