Eucharistic Congress 2011

Our son, Opie, was invited to serve Mass at the Georgia Eucharistic Congress. We got there about an hour before the Mass started, so things were starting to wind down from the full weekend activities. Opie was one of the first altar servers to enter in the procession line. There must have been over 40 priests there along with the Archbishop of Atlanta. Opie had one of the best seats in the place. It was a very neat experience. The different Nationalities were represented during the Mass readings and the Offertory prayers. The music was beautiful and many songs were in Latin. As we were leaving we noticed one vendor was still packing up, so we took a peek at what she had left on her table. She was a wholesale vendor who supplies larger companies gift items. I came home with three new statues and they were blessed right there before bringing them home. Our Lady Of Mount Carmel ( I love Baby Jesus’ face!), Our Lady of Hope, and Padre Pio. I hope to attend next year, but to arrive much earlier in the day to absorb all that the Eucharistic Congress has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Eucharistic Congress 2011

  1. What an honor!!! I love the statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Very pretty! That reminds me that we still need to have our new statues blessed…

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