A Feast Day

Calls for Heavenly Delight, and why not, Heaven must be delighted that our little Matthew Karol joined them two years ago today. Matthew lived with us here on earth for three days. Those were three of the longest days. Each day we had such hope that he’d get better, but each day, he was being called closer and closer to God. I can only imagine the joy and praises he heard as he entered in the Kingdom of God. No more wires, not tubes, just Heaven.


hand in hand

We were always sad that the children didn’t get to see him, only pictures. They certainly remember feeling his hiccups and kicks. I share the pictures with you to show how a small baby, even only a three day old can touch so many lives. Matthew is very much a part of our daily life. The children ask God to say goodnight to him every night at bedtime prayers. Every day since Matthew was introduced here on God’s Canvas, someone has done a search for him. Many search Mass of the Angels, Fiat, St Matthew Karol, Miracle needed, Update on Matthew Karol, and so many more word combinations. I am telling you, not a day has passed without Matthew being searched. I am humbled.
I am touched that this little bitty fellow could fill the need for a search. Over the past two years, we have felt the prayers that have carried us through the good and the bad days. How does one go on after this… through God’s grace and your prayers. I think I cried for a whole year. I have gotten better and I can feel God’s hand and Heaven’s help. My mother always said “Heaven help us” and I believe Heaven does.
So, with your help, Heaven’s help, and Little St Matthew Karol’s help, we will celebrate this special Feast Day… with Heavenly Delight!


10 thoughts on “A Feast Day

  1. We will celebrate this special feast day too.
    The pictures of Matthew are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us, and thank you for sharing your sweet baby boy with us too. We will always love him.

  2. Continued prayers for you and your beautiful family. Thanks so much for sharing your precious son with the world; God is using him in amazing ways. God bless.

  3. Many prayers, Emily! Such beautiful pictures of your precious Matthew. Sorry I missed you before you left PTC. It was a busy summer and we were out of town a couple of times. We didn’t make it to 10:30 mass too much, mostly Sat eve, and I was wondering how you were doing and whether you had found a place yet – looks like you have! Take good care and see you next time you’re in PTC!

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