A few special days

It seems like through the months of June, July, and August, we always have a cake on the on the counter! We rolled the ages up a number with Opie, who turned 11 in June, Matthew’s 2nd year in Heaven, Moonbeam, who turned 9 in July, and Bluebelle, who turned 7 in August. After all of the celebrations this summer, I think I need to ask for something lighter when my birthday shows up next month. 🙂
Moonbeam and Bluebelle each love horses and fairies, so we decorated their cakes with part of their gifts… I think they were pleased.

Thank you to all of you who have kept our dog in your prayers. I posted a while back we were treating our dog, Bode, for cancer, hoping to keep him around. The cancer became very aggressive in about a 10 hour period, and he went from barking at squirrels, to not being able to get up off the grass. We were all so very sad over this turn for the worse, and said goodbye peacefully over the birthday weekend. We will miss our sweet Bode.


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