School year 2011-2012

We’ve started our new school year in a new house with a new look. The “high schooler” requested a “high school room” which actually worked out because we have a lot more space in this new house. I have a classroom in the front of the house with our book cases and desks all with new lamps. Cookie has her desk set up in the other front room with the piano. She has a new lamp and can ease over to the piano to play her favorite, Francesca Battistelli in between classes.:)
As always, I lined everyone up so we can see how much everyone has grown over the years. When we pulled up picture from two years ago, we giggled at how much everyone has changed. We are enrolled in Seton Home School Study for the 7th year, with additional fun added in here and there. Of course, there is always art and baking going on in our home too!
The four older children are all taking piano and are going back to the basics (theory) which they have not worked on so much.
Cookie and MM are both in ballet, Moonbeam and Bluebelle are taking horse riding lessons, and Opie plans to register for Soccer this coming weekend, as well as Scouts once a week. Cookie is also looking forward to joining the youth group this school year. Something our parish in Texas did not have.
So, for me, I plan to read a bit in between taxiing, grading, and teaching. I also hope to sew a few cute things for some new babies on the way( I thought I had a link for my SISTER!!!! COURTNEY who is expecting a baby in March!!) now that we are feeling a little more settled. We wish you all a wonderful start to your new school year.


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