Good Afternoon…

With all of the changes we’ve been going through, its been a challenge to get each child into his or her own “thing.” We’ve stood in line to register for soccer with the county, attended dance camps to see what classes to sign up for, driven out to the stables to begin horse riding lessons, and found our way to the Scouts nearby. I think my son was apprehensive about walking into a room full of strangers to have me “Drop him off and return for him later.”
As I walked out of the large gymnasium of Boy Scouts, I see them all come to attention and say the Pledge of Allegiance. I had heard good things from this scout troop and know that they work with the boys to earn their levels. They also have a large amount of Eagle Scouts, which tells me they encourage the boys with their goals. My son was shy and timid as I left him, not sure about it all, as he is still working towards Tenderfoot and not quite understanding it all yet… to two hours later, when I picked him up, he was another kid..
“Mom, I need to sign up to sell popcorn at Lowes for three hours, and I need to…..” He was a ball of energy. I found the source… he can earn something.. somethings that the people in charge of setting up fundraisers to to encourage kids to get involved fundraising… incentives… he continues…” I only need to sell 600 units of…..( my mind heard SIX HUNDRED…)” I thought well, good luck kiddo, we are new to town, don’t know anyone, and our neighborhood doesn’t allow soliciting… luckily there were smaller incentives to earn, Then the more I looked over his paperwork, I was thrilled to read there was online too for him to set up. I got him all set up and now he’s got to call his grandparents and aunts and uncles to present his task. I thought, “I’m not letting him get off that easy, he’s still got to present himself as a Scout.” And in my mind, I see Russell, from the adorable movie, “Up, ” “Good afternoon, My name is…

You are welcome to click the link above if you like popcorn, You’ll have to select a scout to support. Leave me a comment and I’ll email you the information you need. They will ship it right to you. If you don’t like popcorn, they offer a Military donation and will ship free to the soldiers serving in other countries.


One thought on “Good Afternoon…

  1. Saints Alive and keeping the cavalry traditions going! It is great to see you all in pictures and activities. We remember you all in our prayers and speak of you often. We have that special Biloxi and Wrought Iron Link. Please send me your current address so that Penny and I can continue carding you. Have a great Christmas. We will be together in spirit. Keep the piano warm!

    Ed and Penny

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