15 days goes by fast…

It seems like we blinked and he was gone again… now for the “other half” of the deployment. I love R&R, I absolutely love it. It completely erases all of those long months apart. We had it all planned out.. anything and everything he could have wanted, we tried to have already at the house so we didn’t have to spend it all driving the the stores. In those 15 days, we were able to drive down to Georgia to see family and while we were there, we bought a new dinner table!!! This was a surprise to both of us, but we fell in love with a new “distressed” dinner table… and the best part.. It’ll easily seat 12 people.. if not more. We bought a bench to go up beside it when we have company. I am sure I can squeeze all of the cousins and little kids together! We’ve been married over 16 years now and still use the little table with 6 chairs… there are seven of us…So, yes, we towed a Uhaul through the TN mountains and together, set it up. We bought our son a new bike.. the poor kid. He’s been riding one way too small for way too long. We also decided where to hang many pictures in the house and while doing so, we switched the classroom and the piano rooms. Makes so much more sense. We played games, watched games, played frisby, basketball, bikes, went bowling, the Wii, went out to eat and made everything John could have wanted. (Yes, Denise, we tried to help him put some weight back on.) We didn’t get to all the honey-do’s, but that’s okay, he’ll be back again and we’ll get it all done. I am in no hurry.
Taking him back to the airport was the hardest part. Families are meant to stay together. The deployment-Go-Round is so very hard. Thank you all for your kind words of prayer for him while we is gone.


4 thoughts on “15 days goes by fast…

  1. I am so thankful that you got to have such a wonderful time with him. You all look so wonderful and full of joy and love. Sending prayers your way for the second half. God bless you.

  2. So happy you all had a wonderful visit! Hope the remainder of his tour is fast and safe! I want to see a pic of your new “distressed” table…I want a new table and chairs so badly. 🙂

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