Horse lessons

Since we’ve arrived in Tennessee, we’ve been on the go from lesson to lesson. The girls have been embracing their horse riding lessons and have hopes of one day owning their own horse. They started out getting one horse ready, but recently started working with one each to ride. They put the bridle on them, brush them clean, clean out their horse shoes, fly spray, and then saddle them up. They share a helmet right now, so one girl uses the trainer’s helmet. They escort their horse to the round pin or recently, the indoor arena. It’s adorable to watch these two tiny girls do every step and then go through their lessons. They have trotted, cantered, ridden bareback, played pass the baton, and their favorite, “post trot.” They are still in the beginner level, but soon, they will be tested to see if they can move to another level. Right now, the girls work with the horses and trainer an hour and a half once a week. I think they are looking forward to the day when they can stay all the time at the stables.
These two girls love all things horses. It’s so much fun to listen to them tell me all about their lessons. Their wish lists for Christmas are shifting towards all things horse related!


6 thoughts on “Horse lessons

  1. Barbara wanted to do a Cowgirl room when we moved to Texas. I found her some horse sheets on clearance at the Company Store online. Steph and I finished her horse quilts for her bunkbeds last summer. Her room looks cute (when it is cleaned up!) Never did get her signed up for riding lessons. She starts gymnastics next week, and is in Spellmasters. Last year she did Girls on the Run, and tried wrestling.

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