God sure does share His beauty.. and love through friends…

After driving 20 minutes from home, I checked the map to make sure I was on the right road. I was distracted by the beautiful trees before realizing I was right where I was going. When I stepped out of my car, I was taken by God’s beautiful trees. I was surrounded by all of the primary colors. Then I looked ahead and in an instant, I knew it was my friend…. It was Jen… This lady is an angel to me. This angel has been there for me day or night
I was delighted to finally meet a dear friend who helped me through so many days, weeks, months of struggle. She would lift me up and give me strength.
When I thought I couldn’t go on, Jen was there. When a bad day was upon me, Jen would give me words to help me pull through.
It was just like sitting down with a best friend. We enjoyed visiting for several hours on All Saint’s Day before going to Mass together. We met at her parents home and enjoyed the afternoon watching the children run and play outside while we discovered more and more things we had in common.
Jen, thank you for all those words of encouragement helping me through some of the toughest and darkest days.


One thought on “God sure does share His beauty.. and love through friends…

  1. Oh my friend!!!! It was just a delightful visit! And the trees WERE in their glory, weren’t they?!!

    It’s great that you’re right down the road from Mom and Dad now, and we can visit often!

    Thanks be to God for the gift of friendship and the ability to share it on such a glorious fall day!

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