St Nicholas was here…

St Nicholas was able to find a few delicious German chocolates and goodies at the nearby Aldi. The morning included a few new books that I am sure will become favorites. As a fun activity for us all, we found a perfect 1000 Piece puzzle. I am looking forward to working on this with the children while we wait for Christmas to come.. and wait out some of these really cold days indoors!
Unfortunately, he hasn’t been our only visitor…
We’ve had maintenance, the electrician, and now the appliance man at our house. We’ve had a complete new tile floor put in after the old tile was pulled up. There were a lot of unleveled tiles and crumbling grout. I am so happy after two long weeks, its all over and cleaned up. There have been several other things that have needed other help, hopefully we won’t need to call for any other help and just sit back and relax and enjoy our Advent.
We are all a little down about Daddy not being here for Christmas. M&M seems to really be bothered and talks about it quite a bit. John has asked me not to mail him anything because he has to carry it all, but I just couldn’t let Christmas come and go without a tree. I found a tiny tree and bought one for him and one for us, that way M&M could see daddy’s tree here too! Here is Mr. Snow sitting with his tree…

To go with John’s tree, I found a strand of blinking lights. while unpacking, I came across a tiny set of Nativity ornaments I actually mailed John when he was in Iraq years ago for Christmas. He kept them, so I mailed them back to him to decorate his tree. Makes me feel better… I know he understands.. I just love the lights at Christmas. I could sit in front of a tree and just watch the lights.
I’ve been looking at our tree and noticing we have out grown our tree size. It’s time to move to a bigger tree to allow all of the ornaments to show.. I used to take such care and time when choosing the right branch for each ornament.. The tiny ones went towards the top and the heavy ones low. Now, after I get the lights just right, I turn around and every ornament with a hook, string, or ribbon is on the tree.. mostly around my waist level down to the ground. I keep thinking I’ll rearrange them, but its not about me.. the kids took that same great pride in hanging each ornament as I did years ago, even if we don’t share that same vision… After the kids go to bed, there are so many things I should go do.. but instead, I sit and look at all of the different ornaments. I’ll say, oh I love that one.. then I’ll say it again, or that’s my favorite.. then again.. No that’s my favorite. So, really, here is one of my favorites. I love this ornament made from styrofoam, pins, sequins, and beads. I made this with my mom on snow days while we lived in Colorado Springs. I must have been 6 or 7 when I made this. I found a kit similar for my children to make, but they are only balls, not animal shapes. I’d love to find a kit like my panda. I know the children would enjoy this craft.

I hope you are all enjoying the start of your second week of Advent.


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