Children’s joy as well as ours..

( this is my sister.. everyone knows as “Aunt Courtney” She’s been there for me in at every expanding belly of mine.. now all of our children are in awe over her growing tummy!)

Here is my sister with her husband, Nelson. They are expecting their first baby, Christian, in March… I happen to have a very dear friend also due in March…
Two of the sweetest gifts John and I received this Christmas being so far apart… to be the Godparents to Christian… and to Gabriel, due to Jess and Gary.. both baby boys are due on the same day! We are honored to be Christian and Gabriel’s Godparents. I am thanking God that John should be home in time for the baptisms.


One thought on “Children’s joy as well as ours..

  1. Your sister looks so cute! All the kiddos look so happy on Christmas morning, so fun!
    And we are honored to have you as godparents to our little guy (and Rosie!)

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