Oh the list of things

not to buy… but to do physically, mentally, and spiritually..
My week back after our Christmas break started.. kids to get back into the swing of things. My morning list included, laundry, sew patches on two Karate tops and a Scout shirt … to move one, remove one, and add a Tenderfoot patch. Papers to grade, First Holy Communion activities with Bluebelle, prepare Study Guides for test week, vacuum the pine needles that have made their way upstairs, and somewhere in there, I feel the need to get out for just me.. for just 20 minutes. I hope to get out and listen to some Third Day.

I am sure this happens in other houses, not just mine, but I really get down when we start to take down the tree. If it were up to me, I’d leave it up for months. The lights on the tree make me so happy. Cookie and I decided to make a cup of tea and watch a Christmas movie yesterday. Forget the tree. The kids want me to leave it up for dad to see.. perhaps thats why I am feeling overwhelmed with the things I need to do. John is due home next month sometime. I’ll get a notification call, and I’ll be ready. Whether the house is clean or not, he’ll come home and love it… so cleaning it isn’t my issue. I think what I kind of didn’t want was to put everything away. I know I can’t leave it up and I will take it all down.. just not yet. I am going to leave a little tree up with presents all around for him. He still has things to open when he comes home.
I am thankful that this deployment is almost over. Its been a really hard year. The kids have been wonderful. I’ve had to grow up this year and do (most things) on my own… I am not good at that. I am not as strong as some women who have gone through the deployment-go-round. I’ve been very lucky to have family and friends to help me through. I really had to suppress my depression I’ve been struggling with and deal with it. Thats hard. I will tell you, I’ve really come a long way. Especially over Christmas with all of the activities we attended and held, family who came to visit.
Its a New Year.. He’s almost home, Praise God, and new and better things will come. As we heard in the Homily on the feast of the Epiphany, we all have gifts to bring.. Priests and religious bring their lives to Christ in Prayer; I pray I can give this year all that I have as a mother. I also want to spend less time on the computer, and more time with my children. I want to read more and pray more. I want to be more this year.
I pray your 2012 is full of Joy. Happy New Year friends. Thanks for always being here for me.


3 thoughts on “Oh the list of things

  1. I hope the days fly by for you until he gets home! You are almost there.
    I don’t like taking the decorations down either, everything looks so bare.
    I know you will have a wonderful year, John will be home soon and y’all can enjoy your home and busy life together again.
    God bless you sweet friend, praying for you always

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