A Sneak Peek

until this weekend…

My sister is having her first baby in March! I have been busy washing, ironing, cutting, and sewing a few little goodies for this little man’s baby nursery! After I give them to her this weekend, I’ll come back and post them. Next, I plan to order some sweet fabric to make a Christening gown and two slips to give to our two new Godsons.
On top of the sewing, I’ve been planning and thinking of John’s return next month! can’t wait!!! And what the kids and I should wear to the hanger when we welcome him home! I am thinking I’ll get some red, white, and blue ribbon for the girls’ hair!
Then, two of our children will be receiving sacraments this year. We’ve got Cookie receiving her Confirmation, and Bluebelle preparing for her First Holy Communion. I’ve been thinking of their special days and how I can help make them special. We have a few ideas for them, but would not want to spoil them by posting them yet.
I know the time between “here and someday” is almost here. Not long now, I keep telling myself… and all my sewing better be complete! 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek

  1. Such pretty choices! It is sure to be lovely. I particularly like that soft textured looking piece.

    Will you be making your Bluebelle’s communion dress? My daughter is making her first communion this spring, and I am planning on making the dress. I’m just in the planning stages now. I am posting my progress on my blog.

  2. Jeannine, Welcome! I’ve been tempted to smock her FHC dress, but I am afraid I wouldn’t get it right.. She’s been trying on the two FHC dresses who have gone before her…
    I am really pleased with the quilt and goodies! The chenille is really a nice touch!

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