baby blanket and more

I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this baby quilt for my new nephew’s baby room. I didn’t know how much fun it was to sew on a good sewing machine! My husband bought me a new Janome right before Christmas, and this quilt and other baby goodies was just the project to get started on it. This Janome Magnolia went across the fabric like butter. I guess it’s also nice to use beautiful fabric.

My sister was glowing at her baby shower. She has about 8 more weeks to go before this little fella makes his appearance. Courtney and her husband seemed very happy with the blanket and diaper stacker. I even had enough of the beautiful toile to make an extra blanket with the taggies on the side.

I thought this was so cute.. She didn’t know what I used in the quilt, only that it had the toile and chenille. I was so happy to see that she liked what I chose. I actually called her and said I didn’t think I’d be using the satin trim (even thought I knew it coordinated with her bedding in the baby’s room) I think she was thrilled with it, so I am glad I changed my mind without telling her.


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