Don’t buy pink … ribbons again…

Most women love pink… seriously, who is not drawn to that soft pink sweater, a pink sweater, those hot pink baseball hats, or those pink pens… then we pick it up to see that little pink ribbon… put it down… It’s ridiculous..
…for a few hours this week, all who heard the news that Susan G Komen stopped her support to PP, cheered… Her sales/donations went up 100%!!.. a little while later, we learned, she caved… I saw it coming.. I can only imagine the pressure she got.. Now we need to STOP the support and watch those sales fall again… fyi…PP doesn’t even offer screening for mammograms.. they refer out..
I hope they refund all of you who donated on good faith that they would do what they said…

So on a happier note, here is something pink for you to enjoy, and it’s free..

If you want to learn more about whether your money goes to PP or not, visit Life Decisions International. You may find yourself surprised to learn WHO supports PP. Its a shocker… You can order a tax-deductible list of companies who donate to PP and decide for yourself if you want to continue supporting them.
Bottom line… “Its one inconvenience at a time.”


One thought on “Don’t buy pink … ribbons again…

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and the link.

    It was so dismaying to read that Komen backtracked. I could barely sleep last night, thoughts of all those precious babies (half of them future women!) dodging death. It is sickening, and if any intelligent person would permit themselves to think on it for just a moment, the truth would be readily apparent. There is such a closed-mindedness there – “Don’t tell me about it…I don’t have to know” – this is a quote from a PP-supporting family member (prayers, please) when asked if she knew what happens during an abortion.

    Oh, my, I didn’t mean to get all riled up in your comments! Your blog is lovely, and I enjoy my visits here to your gentle space.

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