For the love of celery…

some of you probably don’t “love” celery…. if you come into my house, you’ll find celery lovers here… MM thinks its great… She asks for it. she even reminds me when we run out!… the others love it with peanut butter or a savory dip….. I love it in soups… but now, for those of you who don’t “love” it, show others you love them.. with celery!.. Yes.. I kinda just Pinned something! 🙂

It was so funny because once we started… we couldn’t stop!

… now for the guy in the house… he opted to go off and create secret cards for all of his sisters… he created conversation heart Valentine Cards that will require his sisters using watercolor paint to read his messages! I am looking forward to their reactions when they see what he drew for them.. in secret!

Now for my few minutes of borrowing from other blogging friends who have “pinned” on Pinterest… thank you for finding this one.. I am not linking much here since technically I don’t have a Pinterest page .. yet…. It is so cute! Bluebelle wore her hair like this Sunday for Mass.

Won’t you join with me… my Valentine will be HOME in 5 days!!!
Happy St Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “For the love of celery…

  1. Oh Emily This is a great idea! Do you mind if i use it for Mother”s Day Cards? Love all your post. Im glad you will have your Valentine home soon.

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