We’ve been busy day after day accomplishing what we said we’d do the first week John was home… grill grill grill.. hang out, grill some more and oh yeah… get a dog! We’ve had fun looking on the internet at the local rescue centers. We even went out to meet a few little furry friends… Sam won our hearts… He is unbelievably calm.. almost to the point where we look at each other and wonder if he’ll get bouncy at all. Sam is a 14 week shepherd/hound mix. He still has his furry puppy coat and is even sleeping all night! Each morning he gets up and I think he is so grateful we are all still here. He’s been getting a bit of the puppy playfulness in him as each day goes by. Sam is our newest addition…isn’t he a cute little guy!


7 thoughts on “Sam…

  1. Sam looks very cute and rather impish. 🙂 I bet he wakes up every morning and pinches himself….he just cannot believe he was adopted by such a wonderful family! You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers, Emily.

  2. He’s such a sweet dog.. he’s learning about the rooms in the house.. so cute.. Dad, we thought about the name Hank, but he’s definitely a Sam… :).. Cheryl, I’m starting to realize he can be sneaky! He came happily trotting out of the girls room with a bunny in his mouth today..

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