Sam’s outing(s)

We walked over to the park this afternoon, curious to see how Sam would do if we let him run and play. Most of the time, he kept his nose to the ground and tried to eat plenty of shamrocks and grass. He stayed close by most of the time.

For scale, here is Sam running along side Cookie.. feeling mighty proud that he is not on a leash..

While Sam explored the park, the girls enjoyed the swings and monkey bars…

What I didn’t take a picture of was the living room…. Sam’s kennel wasn’t “locked” properly.. ahem… and after a few hours of being at Mass, we came home to a happy Sam… resting after his shoe hunt.. He escaped got out of his kennel. He collected several toys and about 15 various shoes from the stairs, the kids closets, and our closet. He placed them all around his bed downstairs… Luckily, he didn’t do too much damage. I am sure next time we go somewhere, we’ll all be sure to check Sam’s kennel door before saying goodbye!


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