Happy birthday… to not one, but two little fellas

Wonderful news yesterday! My sister delivered a healthy baby boy after many many hours of labor! Our house was thrilled to hear of the newest nephew’s arrival! Christian made his way into the world around 10:30 am and all day we eagerly awaited pictures! Here is one from my mom who was there to help welcome him. Isn’t he adorable!!

We can’t wait to meet him at his Baptism in a few weeks!!! I am am sewing a slip for Christian to add to his daddy’s Baptismal gown. I’ve been inspired by using An Old Fashioned Baby pattern trying to look at Matthew’s hand sewn Christening gown. Mine is in no way close to the skillful needle work of Cheryl, but I hope little Christian and his mommy and daddy will love it anyway.

.. As it turns out, my dear friend Jess decided to deliver at the last minute last night and we got word that Gabriel made his way into the world before the end of the night! John and I are the Godparents to both little boys. We will meet Gabriel on his Baptism as well.

Here are the slips, but Cheryl and Jan, please don’t look at my spacing. I did get the hang of the featherstitch by the time I was done.

I still need to do the button holes and add the buttons. Then I plan to embroider the edge of the slips with their name and baptismal dates.
Happy birthday to our Godchildren, Christian and Gabriel!! We can’t wait to meet you both!


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday… to not one, but two little fellas

  1. Hi Emily,
    Remember me? Christine Brown’s mom, Kathy. Congratulations to Courtney on her new baby boy. Tell her that her 1st grade buddy Angela delivered her baby boy on March 26th! Pretty funny! Tobin Caleb Teigen arrived breech and by c-section – despite all efforts to turn him, he did it HIS way. I am glad they are both safe and healthy.

  2. Thank you Cheryl! I loved how clean little Matthew’s slip is. I used it as inspiration.
    Suzanne, Thank you! I’ll tell her. We’ll be in town soon for her baptism, I’ll try to call if we get a chance.
    Kathy, Of Course I remember you!! Christine is one of my favorite people! How neat for Court and Angela! I’ll be sure to tell her. I can’t wait to meet her new baby in a few weeks at the baptism. Congratulations to your family!

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