I broke every sewing rule….

… but I am delighted with the outcome of this tiny Baptismal Gown for one of our new Godsons born last week. I had plans a few years ago to sew his big sister’s Baptismal Gown, but things went another direction and I had wonderful help. Now I had much to live up to after Cheryl’s skillful hands who finished our Goddaughter’s gown.

However, I can say, I had a lot of help. First of all, I am sure our Heavenly Mother spiritually guided my tearful eyes as I made the sweet stitches on the birthday of both Godchildren.

The news of new babies I think will forever draw me back to that hospital room where it was us waiting to hear our own baby’s cry.
Second, I used Matthew’s tiny Baptismal gown as my visual guide, so I know Matthew as well as Cheryl helped me through.

Finally, without Jan at Bessiemary, I don’t know if I would have had a clue about insertion lace and entredeux.
I did learn how to French seam, and how to featherstitch. I also followed along with the Old Fashioned Baby directions for how to attach lace to fabric, lace to lace, and entredeux to lace and fabric.

I was feeling so accomplished, I called my sister and said, who delivered a week ago, “Ok, now all you need to do is have a baby girl, and I’ll sew you a gown! ( since they already had one for Christian which is why I only made him a slip)


6 thoughts on “I broke every sewing rule….

  1. Wow…so beautiful. It is wonderful. I may have to hire you to sew one for my next child. I wish we had just one in the family to use, but we don’t. They have just always been baptizes in a regular outfit.

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