Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

Easter 2012
Let us rejoice! I can honestly say, this is a wonderful Easter! John was home with us this year, praise God! We’ve done so much together this weekend, that I barely had a chance to photograph our time. After Mass, we came home and made resurrection rolls. These are always a hit, especially with the little ones. MM’s face was filled with delight as she broke open her crescent roll tomb to find it was empty!

We decorated cookies and enjoyed Lemon Chiffon Cakes shaped like little eggs. We’ve got the table set, and have oh so much to be thankful for. And breaking the norm for Easter fare, we have a nice turkey roasting in the oven to celebrate the occasion. It’s been over a year since John has had a nice turkey. We plan to enjoy every single holiday this year, soaking in our time together again!

Have a wonderful Easter week!
I can’t leave you without showing you our adorable new nephew we can’t wait to meet next week!! Isn’t he a great Easter gift?


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