First Holy Communion

Today was a beautiful day for Bluebelle. She was so excited to be receiving Jesus for the first time in First Holy Communion. John’s parents, Nana and Guka, drove up from Atlanta and were able to spend the special day with all of us.

Her dress was from Catholic Faith given to her by Nana and Guka. It was a perfect fit. Her veil was a combination of a veil we ordered from Catholic Faith and a comb from the local Hobby store. I didn’t read the fine print when I placed the order for a headband veil. It was not an item that could be returned. The headband was too small, but the veil part was perfect, so I unstitched the veil and found a comb in the bridal department at the hobby store. I restitched the two together and loved the combination better than what we started with.

Her gloves were also from this online order since it was very important to Bluebelle to have her hands covered during Holy Communion.

Bluebelle was so pleased with how everything made her feel like a little bride for Christ. John and I gave her one of Ruth’s First Holy Communion bracelets.

Her Aunt and Uncle gave her the sweet pink cross.

I love the holy water still resting on her forehead in this shot.
She also received a First Holy Communion Madame Alexander First Holy Communion doll “with brown eyes” from Nana and Guka which she took to Mass.

Several other gifts she opened the night before included a little dove charm from my parents for her Charm Bracelet. We’ll hope to get it saudered on this week so she can wear it to Mass next week. I’ll photograph more next week since she opened them after dinner and a shower last night and before I realized it, I was taking pics of her in her Pjs.
I love this shot I got right as we were heading into the church of Daddy, MM, and Bluebelle. We are so blessed to have John home for this special Sacrament!
Now here is the mom reality check for me… She knew there would be cake after Mass to celebrate. It was announced to the children at rehearsal.. Chocolate cake! Thats all she remembered.. not that there would ALSO be white cake. I am thinking okay, all this preparation to have everything WHITE… and she wants chocolate cake. I wish I could say I am one of those moms who just doesn’t worry about things like that… but…. I do. But, what do you do, it’s her day, not mine… enjoy your chocolate cake love, I just won’t watch (right after I capture the moment!)

There were pictures taken without the flash during the mass that we should be getting soon. Bluebelle received on a white satin draped kneeler. I love the pictures that capture the moment of receiving Jesus for the first time! I can’t wait to see them!
Bluebelle’s big brother served Mass. It seems like just the other day I was posting about his FIrst Holy Communion.
Happy First Holy Communion Sweet girl, we love you!


3 thoughts on “First Holy Communion

  1. Thank you, Courtney and Cheryl! She has been so happy all week long! She was really excited to attend First Friday Mass and include confession in her day! she told me , It was her 2nd First Holy Communion!

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