She’s “Desserting” Us party!

Since we’ve been at Ft Campbell, I’ve had the privilege to work with a sweet dear friend, Shari, who I will miss so very much. When I was stuck or needed help, Shari always knew how to help me out. I threw her a going away ~Farewell~ party this past Thursday. When I coordinated a date with her, I asked her what she wanted in a farewell. Like I expected, She said anything was fine, but as we talked, she said, well how about wine and dessert? So, with that as my direction for the party, I set up an evening at a small business location that allows for FRG ( Family readiness Group) functions to be held after hours. We had a great turn out and I think Shari enjoyed her evening for sure!

To keep the guests involved, I hid two wine glasses filled with two candles I bought from the store amongst the decorations in the store. I placed a card on the table with the desserts that encouraged them to look for something sweet… but they could not taste the treat! There were two hidden in the store. The two candles I put in the glasses were Key Lime Pie, and Merlot. It didn’t take long before both were found! I think all of the ladies enjoyed the hunt!

All of the guests were asked to bring either a bottle of wine, or a dessert to share. I thought I’d just make a cute little sign to sit in front of the wine glasses.

I found a simple recipe online for simple truffles. I thought it would be cute to have a gift to send home with all of the guests. At the Dollar Tree, I found these cute little boxes. Each guest was able to take home a “Take Me Home Truffle” after the party.

For the farewell gift, we gave Shari a matted and framed gift using the letters of her last name. The letters alone hold special meaning to her as she says goodbye to the Army post she has spent so much time with. Each letter represented a different location from the post. Draw special attention to the letter “T”. It was a bleacher end forming a “T” from the welcome home hanger. Shari attended every single flight as it arrived home from Afghanistan welcoming every soldier while she waited for her own soldier to arrive home. I know when she is gone from here, she will love to look at this frame we gave her that holds so may memories.

The table had a nice assortment of goodies to include some gourmet cupcakes. These were the kind you’d see on the Food Networks cupcake wars! We provided a knife so the guests could sample them without taking the whole cupcake. My daughter, Cookie, was with me at the party and couldn’t get over how enormous the cupcakes were! She took half of one and her plate dropped several inches lower as it was added to her plate! I think she is done with icing for a good while!

Thank you Shari, for all of your words of wisdom and hours of mentoring you gave to me! I will miss you!


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