I love my soldier!

I thank God every day that John made it home from Afghanistan safely. I am so very proud of my husband and his accomplishments and awards. But, I don’t see any of that on his uniform, I see my husband beside me… home again… and not on Skype through a computer screen! This past weekend, we attended the Battalion Formal. My parents drove up from Florida to watch the kids while we got in our formal wear for the night. It was fun getting meet some of the soldiers he served with. I also met many wives whom I had several email encounters with through the FRG during the deployment. I enjoyed getting to put the faces with the names.
Cookie snapped a few shots of us as we were getting ready to leave for the night. Most of them were so silly, I cannot post them, we have a hard time “posing” for pictures over and over… Here is one of us cracking up because for every occasion it seems, we get into out standard pose… here it is. He’s tall, I am short ( and in Heels!) We look the same in every picture… except this time, we’re a little more dressed up….:-)


4 thoughts on “I love my soldier!

  1. Beautiful pictures and I always love to visit your blog and see your family. I’m always inspired. I prayed for your husband in Afghanistan and was so relieved when he made it home. Hope he gets to stay.
    God bless.

  2. I just love to hear about and see another couple goo goo over each other; your love and devotion to each other, your family, and God is an inspiritation so needed in our world today. May God bless you.

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