Twelve in 2012

Happy 12th Birthday son! Your nickname on here back when I started was Opie.. your personalities have always been so similar to Opie on the Andy Griffith show. Things haven’t changed..I’ve thought about changing your name on here, but you still are that polite young boy you’ve always been. You are such a great kid, growing into an awesome young guy!.. ( just not too fast okay?)
You still love the piano and can rock the keys playing Toccata, as well as canoe down the river with the boy scout troop, while managing to achieve the next karate belt.. all with straight A’s!
We surprised you with on the 22nd with a few friends waiting to shout “Surprise!” when you came in from Karate class. You had no idea we planned to surprise you, but I am so glad we did! Happy Birthday Opie!


5 thoughts on “Twelve in 2012

  1. Happy birthday from the Powers family. We wish we could’ve celebrated with you in person. And, seriously, how did he get to be 12 already?

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