School’s Officially Out!

All of the students in our home are FINSIHED with school for the school year! YAY! We couldn’t be happier that we have summer ahead! I’ve already started taking things down from the classroom walls and thinking of next years items needed.   I’ve been thinking a lot about  Biology for our 10th grader next year and wanting to offer her all the things she’ll need to be successful. I’ve been looking into  investing into one of these, knowing several students will benefit  from it in the upcoming years.  Any advise would be great !

We’ve already started doing a few fun things… like fish on our new boat and soak our feet in the lake!

We’ve gone to a few of the $1.50 movies offered locally. We continue to stop in after Mass at the Farmer’s Market. After long Saturdays at the beach and lakes we’ve enjoyed lots of grilling and fruit eating here! I’ve coordinated with Moonbeam’s horse trainer to take her lessons earlier on the day to avoid the heat here in Tennessee. Bluebelle is taking Tennis camp next week. Opie is going to be heading out for Boy Scout Camp and Cookie is looking forward to attending Ignite your Torch, a Youth Church Camp with her friends from Kentucky.
I hope you all enjoy your summer and stay cool!


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