Happy 4th of July, 2012!

We started our day melting at the River beach while some of the kids fished with Dad. They love the boat! I am so happy to hear each time they catch a fish! When I asked Bluebelle how it felt catching a fish, she says, “Well, at first I caught a tree, then I caught a fish.”

With the convenience of the iPhone, I was able to keep up with the stats for who was ahead in the fish count.
First text: Bluebelle:1, Opie:0

Second text ( one minute later): Tied 1-1

Third Text: Bluebelle 1, Opie 4

They are getting the hang of this, even down to hooking the worm!

We left the beach around noon instead of continuing to cook, to get out of the heat and grab some ICEEs!

MM was sad to think about her big sister, Cookie, who would not be getting an ICEE. ( Cookie is attending a church youth camp right now) Afterwards we headed home to cut some lemon drop honeydew and get ready for the 4th!
The night before, the girls and I made the annual Flag cake and had it chilling waiting for three of their cousins to come into town. In 2010, we were in Atlanta with Nana and Guka at a Braves game! I really can’t remember if we made the flag cake or not.. surely we did! In 2009, we were together in Texas awaiting Matthew’s arrival. This year, everyone was thrilled to see each other. The kids had the 4th of July decorations on the table several days ahead just giddy with anticipation for their arrival. Even though we were in a burn ban county, we still managed to hear a few going off in the neighborhood. The kids got a kick out of the colorful explosions in the sky before heading off to sleep for the night.

Happy 4th of July!


One thought on “Happy 4th of July, 2012!

  1. We were all reminiscing about 2009 here as well. We remember John flying over us and giving us a “wave” with his helicopter. We miss you!

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