summer sewing

I started back in March with some cute fabric from the local hobby store with ideas of cutting and sewing two matching dresses for the two cousins.. well, I finished our neice’s dress back in March, and now that they just came for another visit..
Here is the picture I took of Anna’s dress before we gave her. It is a larger print than MM’s dress.

I decided to finish what I started. MM’s dress turned out cute and was very simple to make. I took a lot of gathering to get all of the layers in the twirl dress together, but what little girl doesn’t like to twirl and twirl? I pictured the two cousins twirling together, but after completing one, I set MM’s aside. I am happy with it, but now realize it was quite big for a size 5 and she’ll more than likely wear it into next summer.


Our nine (soon to be ten) year old has asked me since I bought the fabric for the girls if I’d make her a cat. She is highly allergic to cats, but has fond memories of spending time with her uncle’s cats. I agreed, but not until I was ready. Well, I had no more excuses and decided while she was off “fishing” with daddy, I’d surprise her with a cat. I started looking through my grandmother’s old sewing box and found some darling little buttons for the eyes.. look at the price!!

Now that the cat is completed, our soon to be eight year old has requested American Girl doll clothes. We scored a few one dollar patterns a while back back in March when I took everyone to the hobby store! so, I think now you’ll know what I’ll be sewing next.. After that project, I have hopes of cutting out a Mary de Pattern in a size 1 for a certain dear friend of mine who has a sweet little Cupcake who just NEEDS a birthday dress! I wonder if she has enough pink already? hint hint…
Besides sewing, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around another school year and what I can do to create a fun learning environment! I’ve had my mind on books, lesson plans, and schedules. Here’s a glimpse into our classroom.. ( which BTW, the Dollar store has great wall posters right now… two for a dollar!!)

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of you summer!
I’ll leave you with a picture of Sam, our new puppy. He’s already about 65lbs and only 7 months old.
Isn’t he cute?


5 thoughts on “summer sewing

  1. Look how much she’s grown! I love a pretty girl in a twirlie dress! The cat is fiercely cute. BigBoy just asked if I could make him one with a blue ribbon. Did you use a pattern? We all just cooed over your puppy. He looks sweet! Miss you guys!

    • Charlotte, it was one of the patterns I got for a dollar! It was a McCalls pattern. Okay cupcake’s momma… does she have enough pink or would she like pink ?? You didn’t pick up on my hint. 🙂 We miss you guys too!

  2. You got a new machine! Awesome. Wish you were here so we could sew together again. Sigh. Miss you!

    Love all you’ve made and can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  3. Ok, I NEED to have a girl just so you can make me some of those cute dresses : ) Not to mention I have a great girl name picked out! Also love the cat!

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