Matthew’s Feast Day 2012

Today marks the third year our baby boy, Matthew Karol, left our world to enter into Eternal Heaven. I won’t tell you today was easy, but I will say it’s getting easier. I’ll also tell you my ideas of how today was going to be was completely different than what God’s plans were. After a beautiful Mass, a few sweet friends who didn’t even know us three years ago, remembered Matthew. Thank you. A drive home to prepare for about 7 college students along with Fr Kevin stopping through on their way to a college retreat for dinner, led me to a trip to the ER with Cookie, who was trying her best to help us get ready. While I was in the ER room, I was texting John what needed to be done the most while I was gone. Cookie cut open her thumb on a can and it was just enough to lead us to say, “yep, you might need stitches…” well, to her relief they were able to seal it shut with Durabond. So grateful it was able to be a quick fix. Luckily for her, she can’t do dishes for a while. 🙂
While the college students were a delight to have in our home, along with our dear friend, Fr Kevin, all of the kids had a chance to visit with them and share some of our home with them.
My sister and our sweet Godchild, Christian, are on their way up here for a weeks visit, so be prepared to see pictures of this adorable 4 month old in days to come.
For Matthew’s Gift to you, we did a drawing before all this happened.

We wrote out each name from the comments left in the Giveaway post and folded them in half. Then I put them all in a small basket and had both girls draw out a name since both smaller girls wanted to “help.”

From those two, I put the two names back in had John make the final draw.


Congratulations to Melody from Blossoming Joy, (Mamma’s Little Ditty)! Melody, we are so excited to send you this beautiful planner and hope that you and all of you who visit here have a wonderful New School year. Sanctus Simplicitus does offer free downloads, so if you’d like to hop over to their blog, you can still get your hands on this beautiful planner. Thank you CeAnn for your generous offer!
I really enjoyed every comment with ideas and each prayer that was sent to us. You have no idea, even how small a note it was this year to hear from you. Charlotte, thank you for your kind post remembering Matthew. I am grateful for your friendship and miss you guys in Texas so much!
I had real plans to get this post published before the end of the day but, God was in control of our day, not me.
Have a wonderful year, St Matthew, pray for us.
(Melody, email me at emilysnowATmeDOTcom)


2 thoughts on “Matthew’s Feast Day 2012

  1. Oh!!! What a wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much! And thank you for sharing all of the wonderful blessings (and challenges) of your celebration. St. Matthew Karol, pray for us!

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