Pink for a Cupcake

Cupcake from “Waltzing Matilda!”

I just so happen to know Cupcake’s sweet mommy and family from our time in Texas. When I asked Charlotte what color dress would her little one like…pink was the all around reply! I love working with pink!
Of course what is cuter than a Mary de dress in pink with pink floss?

I am so glad she was able to wear it for her birthday.

I added a cute cupcake button with a safety pin so her mommy could remove it later.
Here it is from start to birthday!

I know, Cheryl right now would tell me I started too far down on the fabric… she’s right, I ended up trimming quite a bit off the top of the first row. Darn, I just hadn’t used my Amanda Jane pleater in quite a while. I had forgotten the hang of it.

( Click on the pic to see the smocking up close!)

This dress is just not as cute off as it is on!

Thanks, Charlotte, for being such a sweet friend!


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