Apple Orchard

I had big plans to blog this in September, which to me is the perfect month for apples. I took the three younger girls along with our neighbor on a homeschool field trip to an Apple Orchard in Nashville. Soon after I uploaded the pictures, I realized my camera lens was broken followed by a bug that ran through the house causing me to put the computer far away from me. It is now October and we’ve celebrated many occasions since this field trip, so I’ll have to come back and touch on all of the festivities later. For now, I wanted to share some of the beautiful pictures I captured before my lens broke..

The trees were much smaller than I was thinking they would be. These were all dwarf trees and to show the children a size comparison, the guide asked MM, a five year old, to stand next to a five year old tree.

This is the child who is never shy and will talk your head off, but when she gets put on the spot, she clams up.. its rather funny and so out of character for her.
As we walked through rows of trees, we noticed the mature trees were really not that big, even at 35 years old!

We were even able to spy a few extras while we looked closely at the trees…

Each child found the perfect apple to twist back and forth to take home.

I met up with several other home school families from church and finally got to meet a friend from one of the online homeschool boards who gave me such great prayer support over the years. I have corresponded with her for over six years and now that we live ion Tennessee, I finally met her and her children on the field trip!


2 thoughts on “Apple Orchard

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your lens. =( I miss apples. Not too many around here, as far as I know. We did go up in New York ones and it was heavenly.

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