Feast Day Tea

While my sister was visiting, it just happened to be the Feast of St Therese! I love this feast. I especially love to have an annual tea party in her honor since I inherited my great grandmother’s rose china.

We’ve been using this delicate china year after year!

Along with our tea, we made cupcakes, cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches, Chicken and grape salad sandwiches, grapes and raspberry cookies.
This year we added a few extras to our table after Jessica emailed me to let me know I won her St Therese drawing. In the goodie box was not only sweet rose stationary, but also rose tea lights and a little St Therese plaque.

We have an assortment of St Therese pictures to choose from each year, but this year, MM decided to design her own! We found these to be adorable as we looked on the doors the girls taped all of their pictures to.

MM loves the Catholic Mosaic stained glass saints. Inspired by these stained glass pictures, she decided to create her own St Therese Stained Glass. We thought she did a great job!

This week, I received a beautiful St Therese apron from Catholic Embroidery courtesy of Jessica’s generous giveaway. It just so happened that Jessica’s drawing happened to be my birthday! I felt completely “showered with roses” from heaven on my birthday, especially after also receiving two dozen roses from my sister and family for my birthday! I love the details in this beautiful apron and will certainly enjoy it! Thank you so much, Jessica and Mary (from Catholic Embroidery!)! Here is Moonbeam modeling it for me.


2 thoughts on “Feast Day Tea

  1. What a lovely tea set! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying these civilizing rituals! I have a few teapots, including one covered with old roses, on display in my kitchen. Using beautiful things reminds us of the Beauty we abide in!

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