A few things happening here

I seem to be more and more swamped with school this year than ever! I cannot believe we are already up to week 11 for school! Seton really keeps the teacher and the students on their toes with books to read, book reports to write, character sketches, compare and contrasts to evaluate, and conflict essays to determine. Math is another story, I seem to be (re)learning right along with the 10th grader in the house with geometry as I realize, I took that class in 10th grade as well…. X number of years ago!
Other things going on in our house.. My Nikon D40 lens threads broke leaving me without a good camera, esp now that Tennessee is absolutely gorgeous with colors all over the trees! I am in the process of getting Nikon to repair it. On top of that, my MacBook Pro decided to have logic board failure and I just don’t think we will repair it anytime soon.
Enough of school and eletronic talk… here are some happy happenings…

Our Son was invited to serve the Octoberfest Mass with the Bishop of Nashville a few weeks ago, so using my smartphone, I grabbed a picture or two! Something great to add to his collection of serving photos over the years!
On Post Thursday night, the Battalion held a trunk or treat along with some games. Cars were to decorate their trunks and pass out candy. This momma doesn’t have Halloween decorations, but I do have a few dolls, cowgirls, and Barney! Our oldest, Cookie, was Raggedy Ann. She sat in the back of the Suburban along with Raja, the tiger, and Barney, a family member since 2006! The only shot I grabbed was of the cowgirl propped up beside both! Everyone had fun and came home excited about trading candy favorites.

And one more little happening in our home… this wee little 12 week one!

31 thoughts on “A few things happening here

  1. Yay!!!!! I’m so glad you announced the wee little one! So precious!!!!
    M&M looks so cute as a cowgirl! And it is so cool about your big boy getting to serve with the Bishop.
    Sorry about all the electronic stuff going out or breaking. Sometimes electronics drive me nuts!

  2. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled for you and your family!!!! I’ve been following your blog since about halfway through your pregnancy with Matthew, I’ve been wondering when God was going to bless you with another precious soul. You’ll be in our prayers for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.

    We just came beck from North Carolina, and the whole area up there is just gorgeous.

    • Thank you Kimberlee! We’ve thought of your family alot lately, esp now around all Saint’s Day! Your family is forever in our thoughts as we come across Holy cards all the time!

  3. I’ve been praying to that God would grant this desire that your heart has held for so long. We will be praying, too!

    The pictures of your dear son remind me of when my oldest was asked to serve at a Confirmation Mass. Afterwards he asked me if I would wait with him in the line to shake the Archbishop’s hand. It was a very l-o-n-g wait. When finally got our turn to greet the Archbishop my son says, “So I got to serve for you…think you can get me in to serve for the Pope?” It was great to see the Archbishop burst out laughing though I was a bit embarrassed!~

    Praying for a uneventful pregnancy and look forward to the pics of the newest Snowbaby! Dena

  4. Oh my goodness Emily, I haven’t checked in in so long; my eyes are FULL of tears of joy for you. Sending my heartful prayers and will be checking in more frequently now. God bless you all; happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Dearest Emily, I havent looked at your blog in such a long time. I have been wishing and praying that i would see news of a new little snow baby!. I am so happy and will keep you all in my prayers! Hope all goes well. Keep in touch please. Love to you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

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