Keeping it real….

It seems as though looking at families through a blog, often times we find ourselves, wondering how do they do that?? Everyone seems to be so on top of projects, organization, and their homes!! Not me… besides, my camera lens broke leaving me a free pass to not photograph very much, except through my smartphone.. Okay, here’s the deal… I barely show pictures of my house and the ongoings as of late due to the fact I have been so tired. ( Which I know is a good thing!) I look at things I “should be doing” and rather, I sit down and decided it’s easier to get to it later. The other day, my husband ran his finger across a picture of the two of us and magically all the grey dust disappeared and we looked like brunettes again.
With us approaching the Holidays, I have great ideas for how we can celebrate, but my ideas turn into simple measures, due to my energy level. For the feast of All Saints, I did manage to place all of the statues around our candles on the dinner table and then for the remainder of the month, I thought the mantle would be a great place of honor.. So out of my lack of noticing things that should be tended to, I just haven’t bothered… except this kinda bothered me… can you find the problem?

Realizing this is not the clearest shot, using my phone… I’ll help you out. ( Knowing my family caught the problem at first sight!)

yep, you found it.. a bobble head.. clearly, my husband has kept me laughing despite my lack of energy.. Reminding me we all strive for sainthood…
BTW, REAL great news.. the baby was wiggling on the ultrasound screen this past week! Thank you God for a beating heart!


5 thoughts on “Keeping it real….

  1. Em, you’re in my thoughts and prayers…lit a votive candle for your intentions this morning at the St. Anne Shrine in St. Patrick’s on Camp St. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Much love, Cheryl

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