Giving Thanks

We traveled to Atlanta and were able to see all of our family on both sides. There were 16 people for Thanksgiving at John’s parents house. The picture above is our family, John’s brother, Jared and his family, John’s brother and sister, and parents. It was taken with Jared’s new smartphone that takes panoramic shots. We were all impressed that everyone had their eyes open! The cousins had a great time playing and eating and eating and playing. On the way into Atlanta, we stopped by my sister’s new place to see her family and my parents who have been staying with her helping them move into the new place. While we were there, they handed our son an envelope revealing their news of a new baby boy cousin! Yay! Congratulations of the news of another sweet baby boy! Cute, my sister and I are due a week apart! We are waiting for our Level 2 Ultrasound on the Feast of St Nicholas, so now is a good time for me to begin the novena since we are anxious to see this little person! We’ve made it to 17 weeks now, and we are very thankful to hear a strong heartbeat continue each week we go in for a check. I am so thankful that John is home this year and not in Afghanistan. We are looking forward to this Advent season together.
Here is our family picture while we were at my sister’s house. My parents are in the picture along with Courtney’s “growing” family and her husband’s brother down in front. Our daughter Cookie is holding Christian, because if not, he’d be crawling away!


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