We’ve been enjoying getting ready for Christmas each day by slowing down and doing things together. I had the girls make the dough for decorated sugar cookies. Of course, no child can cut out only a few, so the batch was doubled to please everyone’s cookie cutter needs. DSC_0772

We made pecan tassies and couldn’t wait for them to be out of the oven! These have already disappeared!
Each year we enjoy making “stained glass” pictures. This is a craft we made years ago back when I worked with Pre-K children before my home schooling days. Even the older kids enjoying the magic of watching the picture appear. We used a candle to trace a Christmas picture and then watercolor to watch the image appear. After these are dry, we hang them in a window and trim the edges with black to make it look like real stained glass.
I decided this year I would make pajamas for each child to give them after the Christmas Vigil Mass, once we’ve celebrated with our Baby Jesus Birthday cake. I told the kids, this could turn out to be the most memorable Christmas with each child getting their pajamas and nothing fitting. I thought “if they fit,” they would enjoy sleeping in new pjs and waking up on Christmas morning wearing something handmade and new. I scored some great fabric on Black Friday at only $1.47 a yard!
I am not going to show them in full, since some of my family checks this blog!
The two little girls will be getting nightgowns and the three others will get pj pants.
We wish you a very special Christmas Eve. I am so thankful John is not in Afghanistan this Christmas! We plan to have a simple Christmas here at home all together!
Christmas 2


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