Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2012

After Christmas Vigil Mass, I gathered all the kids for pictures. Some turned out hilarious. I gave them all the Christmas PJs I had sewn and made a score of 4 out of 5! Not bad for not having a pattern and not having kids try anything on. With a few adjustments, everyone will hopefully enjoy what I made.
After we sang Happy Birthday and blew out the candles on Jesus’ cake, MM placed Jesus in the manger. Most of Advent, only the animals were in the stable. Only on Christmas Eve, did Mary and Joseph make it to the stable.
Our nativity was lit up thanks to a wireless strand of lights I ordered from our son’s boy Scout group. …keeping it real…. This next year I will be looking for a wise man replacement, because if I don’t, our Chipper bobble head will end up in disguise.
As I was ironing the tablecloth for our Christmas table, I noticed it had a monogram in the tablecloth. I am sure it was handmade as the tatting all looked the same. I need to confirm with my mom to find out who had this before us.

Cookie received this sweet baby Jesus from John during his first deployment. Each year, we all can’t wait to find a place of honor for Christmas Eve.
A boy and his dog.. nothing like finishing off a Christmas day with a fire, a tree, a dog, a new book, and a new game chair.


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