Snowbaby boy 21 weeks

BABY_3 profile 2
Our newest little addition seems to be very happy and is growing right on schedule with each ultrasound we get. We are 21+ weeks along now and get monitored every three weeks due to our past pregnancy issues. We go in for a long Echo ultrasound in January since Matthew had such a heart abnormality. I will pray all is well with this little one. We are due the first part of May. Now that we have received a pretty good diagnosis for this little one, I will be on the lookout for baby boy things since I gave almost everything away after we lost Matthew. I was looking at the Amazon baby registry and was surprised how only a handful of things came to mind. With our first child, I registered for everything. Now I am not even sure I want a changing table. We’ll see. I may scout out around town over the next couple of months since I have a little bit more time. I do plan to make a baby blanket like I made my sister for her baby shower last year. I loved it and how it felt with the minky dot fabric. I ‘ll post as I go. I do know this little boy has a beautiful Christening Gown made by Cheryl, that his big brother never got a chance to wear. (In this post, Matthew is seen with the gown placed on top of him. He had a ventilator that prevented us from dressing him.) I did hold on to that special gift. I also kept each hand-knitted cap made by his big sister Cookie, and Godmother, Jess. I know this little boy will enjoy each of them. Thank you all for your prayers along the way.


6 thoughts on “Snowbaby boy 21 weeks

  1. I’m so glad everything is going well with this pregnancy. You’ll continue to be in our prayers. As for the changing table…we didn’t get one for our last baby either. I commandeered hubby’s dresser top to use as one. It works out well 🙂

  2. Wow, congratulations! I pray all goes well. I’ve found most changing tables these days don’t hold up. I actually bought one for my last baby (#5) when I was going to have two in diapers and needed the dresser I’d been using for clothes. Well, my hefty toddler smashed through the table one day when I was hoisting her up to change her daiper, they are all too often very flimsy and can’t hold much weight at all….and thus, we had to buy a dresser right away and reinstate the old dresser for the diaper change again. Nothing works as nicely as a nice solid wood three drawer dresser for a changing table…or if you’re lucky a very large bathroom counter top!

  3. How exciting! I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for linking to those dear pictures of your precious Matthew. What a vast array of beautiful emotions this must all bring to the surface. I am humbled by all that you share…

  4. Soooo excited for this little guy! Christian and #2 are lucky they will have a cousin to grow up with : ) Love you lots!!!!

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