Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party!

Cookie’s sixteenth party was so much fun to plan and prepare for. Nana generously made all of our girls poodle skirts as well as Cookie’s best friend a poodle skirt! They loved twirling and being girlie throughout the party! The guests all arrived wearing 50’s style clothes and enjoyed being together and playing the games.
We made strawberry and chocolate sundae style cupcakes and served sliders, fries, and coke!
We also made a homemade chocolate cake.. just because!


Here are the girls all lined up showing off their attire!
And the guys in their letterman sweaters and leather jackets!
Here is Cookie and her best friend who came down from Kentucky to share the occasion. They loved their skirts Nana! This really made the party memorable!
More twirling twirling twirling!
We played an icebreaker at the beginning of the party. I taped names of famous people on everyone’s back written in either red or blue ( to split them up into two groups for the following game)
They had to ask yes or no questions to figure out who they were by process of elimination. The first one to guess their name got the most points for the game.
We split the group into a blue team and a red team for a scavenger hunt. The kids had 16 items to try and collect asking the neighbors if they could spare simple things such as a post it note, a pencil, and even a paintbrush. The kids had a 15-16 minute time limit. It was really cute to see the kids running door to door in their 50’s attire! When they got back, each item the collected had a point value that was added to each child’s tally.
We also played a simple game that gave each guest the chance for more points. We took two cups and filled one cup with skittles and a straw. The party guests had 20 seconds to transfer one color they thought held the highest point value from the filled cup to the empty cup. Once they transferred all of one color, they could move onto a new color using the straw to transfer them. After the time was called, I told the group what color each point was worth and recorded their points. At the end of the party, we gave away what most kids in this age group loves.. a gift card for music!
The birthday girl and the guest enjoyed all of the food! I didn’t photograph the cute root beer floats we served along side the sundae cupcakes.

All of the guest went home with goodies appropriate to the party theme. The girls went home with nail polish remover, pink polish, and emory board, and gum!
The boys all had Grandma’s cookies, gum, and a hair comb.
Each bag had a Sweet 16 mint candy tucked inside.


8 thoughts on “Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party!

  1. What a fabulous idea for a birthday party. Everyone looked like they were having a blast. Belated happy birthday to your daughter from another January birthday girl!

  2. What a superfun sweet 16! The girls and guys all look absolutely adorable. Nice job on the vintage-wear! They look like they stepped off of a movie set! So impressed by your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

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