our littlest Snowbaby

So far, this little Snowbaby is doing great. He’s had a clean bill of health at every ultrasound and I’ve passed the glucose screening. God always provides. As the weeks are getting closer, I keep coming across items I need and God places them before me.
I am not quite ready to photograph what I’ve been working on, but I will tell you, I am almost finished with all of his baby crib bedding. I’ve made a sweet quilt out of several fabrics, a crib skirt, embellished a bumper I already had, and even made a diaper stacker. After that, I plan to sew him a little baptismal blanket out of some of the beautiful fabric John bought me from BessieMary before she closed. For now, I wanted to share his sweet little face. The 3D was hard to capture because most of the time, he had a leg and his hands in front of his face. Have a great week!


7 thoughts on “our littlest Snowbaby

  1. Thank you for sharing this. We never used 3D. It is truly amazing to see all the cuddly nuances of your baby’s features. God bless you, Emily.

    There is something about your strong but quiet grace, in the way you say “God always provides,” that is incredibly inspiring to me.

    Can’t wait to see your handiwork when you’re ready to share…

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