A Significant day in many many ways…

*I am 32 weeks along today. Three and a half years ago, I was 32 weeks along and in the OR delivering little Matthew Karol.
*Today is my only sister’s birthday! Today is also my Brother-in-law’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you both! What historical birthdays for both of them!
* Obviously, I’m nesting… I’ve torn every room apart… we can’t walk down the hallways because I’ve filled them with items for give-away, items for the attic, and things I am ready to get rid of. I want furniture this and that moved, I have sewing projects pleated, and the entire refrigerator contents are all over the kitchen island (as I sit and watch EWTN all afternoon!)
All the tiny baby boy clothes are washed and folded and put away.
the crib is up and ready…
*Today, my only living grandmother has moved into a memory care home. I have my grandfather heavy on my mind. This is a big change for my grandfather who has only known life with his wife by his side. Please include a prayer of peace for them.
*Today we all woke up wondering if today was the day the day our Church would elect a new shepherd.
* Habemus Papam! Today we welcome Pope Francis as our new Shepherd! His first blessing on the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica was very humble. He asked for a prayer from the people to ask the Lord to bless him. The entire crowd of pilgrims were silent in prayer. It was amazing to watch. The Church began with St Peter. This is our new leader! Matthew 16:18-19.
* Obviously a celebration was in order. The children all voted to make a red velvet cake with white (cream cheese) icing. The red velvet with white icing in honor of the papal outfit. The significance of the red accessories: Red is the colour of martyrdom and the pope is the successor of the martyred St. Peter, “red is the color of burning love, the color of the fire of the Spirit.”
I let the two little girls make this from start to finish, they did a great job!


One thought on “A Significant day in many many ways…

  1. Beautiful, bittersweet time for you.

    You look all set…will hold you in prayer for a safe, happy delivery!

    Your red and white were perfect! We did chocolate, but I let them break fast, so it was special! Chocolate peppermint cake will forever be called “Pope Cake” around here!

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