Waiting for baby…

Well I think I’ve cleared through every room in the house to include the buckets in the attic. We’ve made so many trips to drop off donations that my car can probably get there on its own. I’ve hustled through drawers, refolded things, and still managed a few little projects. I received several sweet little things in the mail from some of you, thank you! I cannot wait to hold this little guy. I did turn in the little burp cloths and diaper stacker I made at the local embroidery shop, along with a few gifts. I’ve blurred the initials so we can announce his arrival with his name on his birthday.
photo 1
photo 2
I’ve also found a few minutes here and there to smock a few little girl gifts that are not quite done, but still on my list. I’ll show those once I’ve mailed them off so I don’t give them away before the receiver gets them.
photo 3
John and I went to a dinner last week on post so this is probably my last picture showing off my baby belly.
We’re hoping this little guy arrives this week! I’ve got everything ready.. so we wait… My family thought it would be fun to make a list of statistics while we wait. You’re welcome to join in the fun. Just let us know what you think in the comments!
(these are in this order.. Mom, dad, Cookie, Opie, Moonbeam, BlueBelle, and MM)
We’ll come back and let you know who in our family was the closest and then which one of you came close, too! St Gerard, pray for us!


15 thoughts on “Waiting for baby…

  1. I am SO very happy for you. You are always in my prayers. We were pregnant ‘together’ . My Sebastian was a preemie born on May 5, 2009. So My guess date will be May 5 🙂 around 1:30 am. Weight…8lb 2oz. Our Lady of La Lech PRAY for you!
    Lisa (a friend of Liz’s)

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