A New Child of God on Mother’s Day 2013

This Mother’s Day has been so very special. We welcomed little Max into the Church today. My parents and John’s parents were able to be here with us along with Max’s Godparents and children. Fr. Kevin drove through the night to be here to baptize our little guy. Twelve years ago, he baptized Opie, and now, here Opie watched his little brother be baptized. What a sweet day!
I love how Max is peering out while Fr. Kevin annoints him with chrism.
Fr. Kevin took Max over to the altar to bless him. I think Opie was looking forward to this moment in the baptism of his brother for weeks before his arrival. This was a very special moment.
Here are Jess and Gary, Max’s Godparents. They were also little Matthew’s Godparents. We were grateful they were able to make it down to be here with us to celebrate.

Well, I know I said I wasn’t posting his name anymore, but I loved the Cake, especially the part that said Child of God. We are so blessed. Fr. Kevin said St Nicholas brought people gifts, and then continued, and this little Max has brought this family a gift. I think everyone teared up.
Little Max wore Matthew’s gown. This was so very meaningful to us. Matthew never got to “wear” it due to all of his tubes and wires, but we did place it on him. Now, Max wore it. Thank you Cheryl, for your special gift of this gown.


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