Max is 6 weeks

Little Max is such a joy! Thank you all for your prayers for him to put on weight! He finally made it back to his birth weight by one month and has continued to gain about an ounce a day since then! He goes back this Friday for one more weight check and hopefully we’ll be on our way! I can’t tell you how sweet he is! Even his cry is sweet. He quiets down when we lift him up to our face and assure him we are there. With an upcoming move, I decided I needed to try some way to “wear” him. I found a Moby wrap and I think it will do the trick. I think he’ll be happy and feel secure while I am trying to unpack us into a new home. I put him on today and within minutes, he was asleep. He stayed asleep for an hour in it!
I am rarely on the computer and almost never behind my sewing machine! My days are filled with Max!


5 thoughts on “Max is 6 weeks

  1. HE is so beautiful! I used a maya wrap sling. AND a moby. But as my baby got bigger I got a Ellaroo Wrap. It is the woven material like a maya wrap. The moby gets too stretchy as they get bigger. If that makes sense. Or you could get a rebozo 🙂 Prayers for a easy move.

    • We’ll see how he continues to like it! I’ll keep your two others in mind if needed. And Yes, to answer your previous post, I have been working weekly with a lactation consultant and steadily everything is improving! Thank you for your prayers!

    • HI Cheryl! I wish you could meet him! He’s still way too tiny to fit into the outfits you made, but I am hoping with all of our adjustments to our nursing routine, he will be in them in no time!

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