Getting back into the groove

from our busy days of unpacking, school beginning, and taking time to enjoy the surroundings! And I can tell you, the kids are thriving being back into our school routine and weekend routine with dad home! They’ve been enjoying their new big backyard, tree swing disc, and pool time!

I have got to give “Opie” a new name. Opie from the Andy Griffith show is his personality for sure though. If I asked him he’d say, “Steve” leaving his best buddy laughing. So for now, it remains Opie. Opie can’t get enough of little Max. He told me just today is Max wasn’t so cute, we’d probably be moved in by now. Here they are together on the screened in porch probably watching their little polar bear sisters shivering swimming.
I am almost positive, Max has hazel eyes. This leaves Bluebelle delighted as she’s been the only one until now with hazel. All others are blue.

When we moved in, I asked about finding a path to take the kids biking. Not too far from our backyard is the Chesapeake Bay. Its absolutely beautiful and I can only imagine how it will look in the fall!

We finally made it into our new school year. We’re only on week two now, but, at least we’ve started and I have to say, I think everyone is relieved. They are not being told to keep unpacking something or to continuously hold Max while I keep going with the boxes. Here are the new students sitting on the front porch in Maryland. I’ll be posting their individual first day pics soon.

Prayers for all of the students this school year and their teachers who are instructing them.

If you enjoy God’s Canvas and want to still be able to view it, please email me. With all the gps hype I’ve heard from facebook and tracking, we are going private soon.


11 thoughts on “Getting back into the groove

  1. Oh he is so adorable! I wouldn’t be able to get anything done with him around!
    I’m glad your first weeks of school are going well. We are in week 2 and trucking along.
    Hugs to all of y’all, we miss you!!!

  2. I would love to continue to be able to follow your growing family. I don’t have a blog but I so love seeing your children growing up. My husband and I lived in McLean Va for 24 years and our 4 boys grew up there, but now we’re retired and two sons live here in FL and one remains in VA and one in NC. I’m so glad your move went smoothly! It will be a very different life in MD and I know you’ll enjoy it.

  3. Oh, so happy to see you all! Glad you’re all moved in and school has started. Max is growing nicely and just so handsome! The others are pretty cute too! Hugs, Emily
    and yes, I want to follow your blog! 🙂

  4. Emily, I am so happy that you have your sweet baby and are settled into your new home. I have not been on the computer very much lately and have missed reading blogs. Hope to be able to find more time now that my oldest is now settled in at college. Only homeschooling five now! 😦 Hugs to you and I would love to still be able to read your blog. xoxo

  5. Hi, Emily. I have never spoken up before, but I’ve been quietly reading your posts since your little Matthew was born. He and my son, Joseph, share the same middle name, and were born just a couple months apart. I have been so happy to see your little Max added to your number over the last few months! Your perspective on motherhood has been a special encouragement to me along my way, and now most especially since our baby #5 made his journey to heaven four weeks ago (my first miscarriage). Totally understanding your concerns for your family’s security, I would be grateful if I could somehow continue reading your blog! And, regardless, I thank you for the time you have invested in God’s Canvas over the past months – I am sure God has put it in my path for such a time as this.

  6. Emily, your family is beautiful! It is so very good to hear everyone is doing so well. It appears life in MD is much nicer than TN (the photos of your home are gorgeous!). I definately want to continue reading your blog. I truly regret not meeting Max prior to your departure. You and your family are an inspiration for raising a Catholic family. My God continue to bless and keep you all!

  7. I don’t visit very often but when I do, I always leave with a feeling of awe about your beautiful family. I would love to be able to continue reading your blog. God bless you in your new place and your new school year.

  8. You are all looking so wonderful. I enjoy checking up on your beautiful family. I hope I can continue to if you go private. Continued prayers for you all. Max is a doll.

  9. Hi Emily
    I’m a mum of 6 living in Limerick, Ireland and I really enjoy reading your blog. I would love to continue to do so. Blessings to you all.

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